Uncomfortable Conversations With God

Uncomfortable Conversations With God

Have you ever had a time in our life when it seemed difficult to talk to God?  Do you find it hard to hear from God? This journal will help you focus on listening to the still voice of God.

Uncomfortable Conversations with God will minister to you and guide you on a 31 day spiritual journey.   You will be touched by the author's personal stories.  You'll find prompts that will encourage you to speak directly to God.


This journal includes:

  • 31 -Days of journal page

  • Daily scriptures for inspiration and motivation

  • Personal stories from the author

  • Guides for assisting you with building a better relationship with God


This journal is perfect for anyone who is looking to reconnect with God and reinvigorate your prayer life.  Be prepared to be motivated and inspired as the author discusses her personal journey of transformation.  

About the Author

Leslie Banks, MSA, LCDC II is the founder of L. Banks and Associates, LLC and Mending Our Youth, a Non-profit organization created to provide addiction prevention education to parents, educators, and the community by offering training referral and consulting services. Banks is a motivational speaker and educator, serving as an adjunct professor at 2 colleges.


Additionally, Banks has a passion for working with the youth and the community. She holds quarterly  summits called, "Loving the Skin You're In and the Girls to Ladies Leadership" and "Empowerment Youth Summit."  To make sure all age ranges are severed, Banks also holds annual Unlocking Your Vision - Vision Board events for adults.


Leslie Banks resides in Columbus, Ohio with her family and is an active member of her church. 

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